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Top Things To Do In St Catharines [Best 5 in 2019!]

Well, you might have heard of St Catharines for some time now. This happens to be the largest city around the Niagara region in Ontario. The city has been nicknamed, ”The Garden City” because of its flourishing gardens, parks, and trails. The city is home to a complete 4 square kilometers of green plants.

As a tourist, enjoyment is your top priority. St Catharines is a blessed city and there are so many things that you can do here as a tourist. There is so much you can do here including shopping, visiting museums, galleries, theaters among many more. Here are the top things to do in St Catharine’s;

Smelling Of Roses in Montebello Park

Montebello Park is the most famous and largest park in St Catharine’s. The park has the largest collection of roses in the entire city. It is estimated that the park has around 1300 rose bushes and over 25 different species of roses. The park been there since 1887 and is something you can’t miss to see.

Watching a Regatta

This is usually a world-class event which takes place in August each year. The event is carried out in Port Dalhousie, where it was founded in the year 1903. The game has been named after Henley Royal Regatta of England where he started the game. The Regatta attracts over 3000 rowers and it is a fun event you can’t afford to miss watching.

Visit the DeCew Falls

For those of us who are insane about waterfalls, then you should not fail to watch out for these amazing two falls, the upper and lower DeCew Falls. The Upper DeCew falls are 6 meters wide with a 22-meter plunge. The Lower DeCew falls are 7 meters high. This gives you an opportunity to connect with nature.

Going for a walk in downtown St Catharines

In St Catherine’s alone, there are around 90 kilometers of trails which can be used for jogging, cycling, and walking. They can also be used for cross-country skiing. The oldest of the trails is the Bruce trail which at one point was named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is 12 kilometers long in the city which gives you an opportunity to explore what the city has to offer.

Wine Tasting in St Catharines

Well, if you really love wine, then St Catharine’s is the place to be. The gorgeous city has some World-class vineyards where you can go and sip a glass with your loved ones. This region is famously known for its ice and white wines. Also, reds are available though they are not known as much as the two wines. It is a good place to enjoy a drink after dinner.

Visit a Theater in St Catharines

Located downtown in St. Catharine’s, this is the largest and most famous theater here in this city. It covers 8,800 square meters thus holding a larger crowd. It is a key place for several shows and cinemas. Also, different types of film genes are watched here. For us, movie lovers this will be the first place to visit while in St. Catherine’s.

As a tourist coming to St Catharine’s, there are so many things you can do here to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of the city. The city is blessed with a lot of things you can do. The above are the top things in the city and you cannot afford to miss out. Ensure that you do at least one of the above things while in St Catharine’s.